Friday, March 13, 2009

Amazing Handmade

The wonders of handmade artists never ceases to amaze. I recently purchased this gorgeous locket from polarity. I just love it!

And I also recently discovered Oakenstone Handmade. She makes an oatmeal soap that is to die for!

I love using oatmeal soap and when I found this great handmade one, it prompted me to try to look for other things that I regularly use in the handmade arena. I found some pretty cool stuff.

Picnic Basket Crafts makes eco-friendly replacement pads for those mop systems so many of us use.

Kat's Kards N Krafts makes a variety of cleaning products. All natural diswashing detergent? Makes sense to me!

I found fun facial scrubbies at Two Seaside Babes.

And check out this batter bowl from Hardy Pottery.

What are you going to buy that's handmade?


  1. Wow -- that reusable mop pad is a sweet idea! I'll have to check it out.